About Us

Indo World Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in June 2010 with a vision of quality, commitment and trust, headed by Mr. Pramod Chaudhary, a real Estate entrepreneur by vision. With more than two decades of experience in real estate and construction, Mr. Parmod Chaudhary as Managing Director, is nurturing the Indo World under his close supervision and guidance. It is because of strong leadership, highly skilled workforce and trust of our customers that Indo World has taken a quantum leap of success and growth within a short span of time.

In real estate division, building a home means much more than transforming plans from a drawing board into solid structures for us. We exist to put together structures that not only offer our customers a smoother and better life, but those that are engineering marvels in themselves. We work tirelessly at developing skills in our people and in propagating our engineering prowess to our suppliers, associates, partners, customers and world at large.

We believe that home is the soul of the family, so we commit ourselves to provide a lifestyle backed by the highest standards of design, construction, product quality and the best of amenities and facilities. Our values are reflected in our name and our work. What we promise we deliver and deliver with our heart & soul. Our aim is to satisfy our customers in each aspect of our products and services. This determination of satisfying customers grows with each added customer and is substantiated by the fact that over 80% of our sales comes from references of our old customers.

We have made admirable progress since our inception. We have been persistently pursuing the principle “Quality, commitment and trust” that attributed to our success. Our operations and activities conform to the highest standards of corporate governance and professional ethics. The aim for Indo World is to set examples in personal & professional conduct for all while delivering products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.At Indo World, delivering projects of superior quality, on budget and on time, maintaining high standards in customer relationship management, have been the metrics of its performance.

Indo World has a diverse range of expertise that allows them to have a good oversight and management of all aspects of a project right from the acquisition of land, appointment of architects and designers, construction, sales to after sales service. The Indo World’s projects are located in the most desirable and exclusive locations and homes are built under high quality specification that has become synonymous with the group. In addition to support services provided by our group, the Indo World’s comprehensive customer care program’s to delight customers through its vast network with opening offices all across the metro city.